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Research into the Claggett Family of England, primarily George Clagett of Canterbury and Kent.

The Clagett Coat of Arms illustrated below left was drawn by an heraldic artist from information officially recorded in ancient heraldic archives. Documentation for the Clagett Coat of Arms design can be found in Burke's General Armory.

Heraldic artists of old developed their own unique language to describe an individual Coat of Arms. In their language, the Claggett Arms (shield) is as follows:

"Erm on a fesse sa. three pheons or."

When translated the Arms description is:

"Ermine: on a black horizontal band, three gold arrowheads."

Above the shield and helmet is the Crest which is described as:

"An eagle's head erased erm. ducally crowned or, betw. two wings sa."

A translation of the Crest description is:

"An ermine eagle's head jagged, ducally crowned gold, between two black wings."

Original Coat of Arms Modernised Coat of Arms

Family mottos are believed to have originated as battle cries in medieval times. A Motto was not recorded with the Clagett Coat of Arms.

Individual surnames originated for the purpose of more specific identification. The four primary sources for second names were: occupation, location, father's name and personal characteristics. The surname Clagett appears to be locational in origin, and is believed to be associated with the English, meaning, "one who came from, or lived near Claygate."

Different spellings of the Clagett name are common. The most prominent variations of Claggett are Claggett, Claget and Claggetts.