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The Founders of Windsor: Their Trades or Professions

The list of individuals below was compiled by the Windsor Historical Society, Windsor, Connecticut. These individuals are generally accepted as founders of Windsor, Connecticut. A variety of sources in the Windsor Historical Society library were examined for any mention of the occupation or trade practiced by those who came to Windsor, Connecticut in the 1630s. Nearly every man raised crops and livestock for his own household's needs. Some made their living soley from their land, and others were engaged in a variety of pursuits besides farming.

For a thorough list of research sources related to Windsor, see Windsor Genealogy.

Names and Occupations

The number following the occupation refers to the sources listed below the table. If the occupation is "None found," the source contains some basic genealogical information that may be helpful. If your ancestor is listed below, you may be eligible to join the society Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor.

Name Occupation and Source
George Abbot Servant
Benedictus Alford Sergeant, constable 1, 2
Samuel Allen Government, farmer 1, 2, 3
Matthew Allyn Government, Windsor clerk, merchant 1, 4
Thomas Barber Carpenter/woodworker, soldier 1, 6
John Bartlett River ferryman 1, 2
Margaret (Barret) (Huntington) Stoughton None found
Thomas Bascomb Brick/stone mason (moved to Northampton, MA) 1, 9
Thomas Bassett None found (moved to Fairfield, CT by 1644) 1
John Benett None found (left Windsor by 1652) 1
Richard Birge Landholder, farmer 1, 2
Capt. John Bissell River ferryman, juror 1, 2
Elder John Branker Elder in church, schoolmaster 1, 2, 4
Jonathan Brewster Possibly a mariner or merchant (son of William) 2, 4
Thomas Buckland Town government 1
William Buell Joiner/woodworker 6
Joshua Carter None found
George Chappel Carpenter 8
Daniel Clarke Secretary of Colonies, attorney, woodworker 1, 6
Deacon Henry Clarke Minister at First Church (moved to Hadley, MA) 1
Joseph Clarke None found
Capt. Aaron Cooke Military, woodworker 1, 6
Thomas Cooper Servant, carpenter 6, 8
Nicholas Denslow Famer, left estate over £300 1, 4
Thomas Dibble None found 1
John Drake Woodworker 6
John Dumbleton Servant to Mr. Whiting of Hartford, farmer 1
John Dyer None found (not found in Windsor land distribution)
John Eels None found (returned to England in 1640) 4
Bygod (Bygat) Eggleston Builder, farmer 1, 7
William Filley None found
Thomas Ford Government 1, 4
Henry Foulkes None found (died early) 1, 4
Lt. Walter Fyler Military 1
Dea. William Gaylord Minister in the church, woodworker 1, 6
Francis Gibbs None found
Giles Gibbs Government, selectman 1, 11
William Gilbert None found
Jeremiah Gillett Farmer 4
Joathan Gillett Farmer 4
Nathan Gillett Farmer 4
Matthew Grant Town surveyor, kept town records, woodworker 1, 6
Thomas Gridley Military (left Windsor early) 1
Edward Griswold Legislature, attorney, woodworker 1, 6
Matthew Griswold Deputy to General Court (left Windsor early) 1, 4
Thomas Gunn Inn keeper, jurist (moved to Westfield, MA early) 1, 4
William Hannum None found (moved to Northampton, MA early) 1, 4
John Hawkes Jurist, tax collector 1
Anthony Hawkins None found (moved to Farmington, CT) 1
William Hayden Mason, farmer 1
Gov. John Haynes Governor of Mass. Bay Colony, judge, CT government 4
William Hill Auditor of public accounts, merchant 1, 4
John Hillier None found 1
Thomas Holcombe Government, jurist, woodworker 1, 4, 6
Lt. William Holmes Military 4
Mary Holt None found
Elder William Hosford Elder in church, returned to England 1, 4, 7
John Hoskins Delegate to General Court, estate included books 9
Simon Hoyte Farmer, able to write (moved to Fairfield, CT by 1647) 1
Samuel Hubbard None found (moved to Fairfield, CT by 1647) 1
Rev. Ephraim Huit Teacher, pastor with Rev. Wareham 1
William Hulbert None found (moved to Northampton, MA. By 1648) 9
George Hull Magistrate, surveyor, trader 1 (moved to Fairfield, CT by 1649)
John Hurd None found (moved to Stratford early) 1
Humphrey Hydes / Hyde None found (a Royalist) 1
Joseph Loomis Woolen draper 1,10,11
Roger Ludlow Deputy Governor, CT legislature, college educated (moved to Virginia) 1
Henry Lush Servant to a Wade family, died as young adult 9
Thomas Marshfield Merchant 9
Ann Marshall None found
Thomas Marshall Deacon in the church, ferryman 10,11
Major John Mason Soldier, magistrate 1, 9
Mary Merwin Collins (Tinker) None found
Miles Merwin Tanner 9
Simon Mills Civil servant, fence viewer 10, 11
Deacon John Moore Minister in the church, woodworker, built a ferry 1, 6
Thomas Moore Civil servant, juror 1
Thomas Newberry Merchant 9
Elizabeth Nowell (Taylor) None found
Thomas Newell None found 1
Richard Oldage None found 1
Thomas Orton Sergeant in military 1
Sgt. Nicholas Palmer Mariner 4
Thomas Parsons Soldier in military 11
Elias Parkman None found
Edward Pattison Woodworker, 1, 6
George Phelps Woodworker, civil servant, juror 1, 6
William Phelps None found (died 1678, had infirmities) 1
George Phillips Administrator, wealthy 1
Humphrey Blacksmith, constable, selectman 1, 4
Eltweed Pomeroy Farmer (died 1654) 1, 10
Samuel Pond Woodworker, (£600 estate), elected offices,
John Porter Constable, juror 1, 6
Edward Preston None found (son of William Preston) 1
Matthew Rainend None found (died as teenager) 1
Philip Randall Blacksmith, civil, juror 1, 4
Jasper Rawlins Brick maker 4
John Reeves Servant to Francis Stiles, carpenter 9
John Rockwell Woodworker 6
Deacon William Rockwell Deacon in the Windsor church 4
Dr. Bray Rossiter Doctor of medicine, Windsor's first town clerk 1, 4
John St. Nicholas Curate for the Church of England, educated, parliamentarian 1
Robert Saltonstall (son of Richard) An attorney (vol. 1 page 737) 1
Richard Samos (Samways) None found (name mentioned in Hosford genealogy) 10
Mathias Sension (Son of Mathew) Chandler 9
Nicholas Sension Civil, petit jury (primary education) 9
Richard Sexton None found 1
Sgt. Thomas Staires Sergeant, military with Capt. John Mason 1
Aaron Starke None found
Francis Stiles Carpenter 9
Henry Stiles Carpenter 9
John Stiles Carpenter
Thomas Stiles Carpenter 9
Ens. Thomas Stoughton Ensign, military, woodworker 1, 6
George Stuckey None found (sold lot in 1645, moved to Fairfield, CT) 1
John Talcott Court deputy 4
John Taylor None found
Stephen Terry Educated, woodworker 4, 6
Thomas Thornton Tanner, minister 4, 6
William Thrall Soldier 1
John Tilley None found (killed by Indians in 1636) 1
Peter Tilton Magistrate in Massachusetts 1
Michael Try Farmer 1
(Clark) (Dewey) None found
Richard Vore None found 1
Rev. John Warham First minister of First Church 1, 4
Richard Weller Woodworker (left Windsor soon after 1655) 1
Richard Whitehead Served on jury 1
Arthur Williams None found 1
John Williams None found 1
Roger Williams None found 1
Lt. David Wilton Lieutenant, military, graveyard keeper, trader, served on jury and in legislature 1, 4
Robert Winchell None found 1
Elder John Witchfield Elder in the church 1, 4
Henry Wolcott General Assembly, senate, other civic offices 1, 4
John Young None found 1


All the sources cited above used to compile this list can be found in the Windsor Historical Society Library.

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