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Primary Sources

Much of the information on the Phelps family line is based on the book The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, (Save $200 by ordering through us.) By Oliver S. Phelps and Andrew T. Servin. (Get an updated index here.). (Interested in buying a set? Reprints are available.) This two-book set traces the origins of the original immigrants, William Phelps and his alleged brother George, to America from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Other, more recent, authoritative sources cite William and George's origins about 120 miles (193 km) to the south, in Crewkerne, Somerset, England.

Major Contributors to This Web Site

I am grateful to offer thanks to a number of people who have shared their family histories with me. They are broken down by family below.

Phelps Family

Major contributors to the Phelps Family History include David Phelps of Texas who has done a considerable amount of original research into the descendants of the Phelps family in England. They are the progenitors of our entire Phelps family in America. David contributed several hundred ancestors and descendants of Revolutionary War Sgt. Noah Phelps of East Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. (m. Hannah Abbe). (See Phelps Family Research for details of David's research.)

Thanks also go to Ann Suter, who contributed over 700 descendants of Jacob Phelps, one of the sons of an original immigrant, George Phelps. Our appreciation to Ellen Wilds, who helped connect William Walter Phelps to his ancestors and descendants.

The information on Timothy and Sarah Case Phelps and their descendants is courtesy of Sam Bunn. From down under, Wendy Herne of St. Clair, New South Wales, Australia, contributed significant information about the Phelps branch descended from Edward Phelps and Hester Smithsend of Tewkesbury. The family of Alfred Aaron "Squire" Phelps of Illinois, who rode with Buffalo Bill's "Wild West Show", is courtesy of his great-granddaughter, Pat Phelps Broeker. She still lives near the family home. Thanks to Dottie Pierson for the descendants of Jeremiah Phelps of Canada.

For details on the descendants of John Phelps (b. 27 Sep 1730, m. Deborah Dewey), we owe thanks to Herbert Phelps of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The descendants of a Canadian branch, Samuel Phelps and Mariette Goodrich are thanks to John Phelps of Yukon Territory, Canada. Another Canadian line is that of Oliver Cromwell Phelps and Marie-Josephite Roi, with thanks to Linnie Poirier and Ron Monroe.

Beasley Family

Our thanks to cousins Kenneth Young, Lesley Carter , and Mac Crawford for their contributions to the record of the Beasleys or Beazleys. Kenneth, from Salt Lake, established a link back a generation for us that was a critical missing link. Lesley, close by Virginia in Maryland, has been a valuable hands-on researcher. Mac has hit the census and is looking up info on the families' whereabouts.

Claggett Family

Much of the Claggett or Clagett genealogy is directly or indirectly attributible to Brice Clagett, who wrote The Clagett Family: A Brief History of the Bame in England and a Register of all the Known Descendants of Capt. Thomas Clagett. Barb and Marc Roddin of Mountain View, California, based on Brice Clagett's work above, contributed information on the descendants of Captain Thomas John Clagett and his wife Mary. Linda Ball Gibson contributed information on Samuel Claggett III and his two wives, sisters Julia and Lucy Sanford. Charlie McNett of Bethesda, Maryland contributed valuable information on the descendants of Christopher Columbus Claggett. The descendants of Ferdinand Claggett were researched by  Robert Christman.

Diuguid Family

Some information from William Diuguid of Buckingham County, Virginia, by Eleanor Harris Macrae. Privately published. n.d.

The descendants of Susan Diuguid and George Anderson Spiller are courtesy of Karen Lucas Lawless of Kingwood, Texas.

Bremser and Klein Families

As was more common in earlier times, The Bremser and Klein family histories are intertwined due to the intermarriage of close cousins.The greatest part of the history of the Bremsers, from 1000 to 1858, is the notable work of my very generous 10th cousin Reiner Bremser of Oberursel, near Weisbaden, Germany. Nancy Verhelst of Wisconsin also contributed the descendants of Johann Gerlach Bremser, a brother to Reiner's ancestor Johann Konrad Bremser, and also a 10th cousin. We extend thanks to Dale Norwood of North Carolina for information on his wife's Ann Bremser's family, descendants of Phillip Bremser. Ann is our third cousin. And from Utah, Keith Bremser contributed the ancestry of his g-g-grandfather Johann Philip Bremser. Keith is our eighth cousin once removed. One branch of the Bremsers moved to Michigan, where they married the Scheid family, related to the Enderle family of Germany. We thank Horst Hemminger for his contribution of the Enderle family history.

We are indebted to second cousin Ron Miller of Michigan for contributing several hundred descendents of Hattie Klein. We also thank our first cousin, once removed, Marge Miller More Barr of Norwalk, Ohio, for her notes on the Bremser and Klein genealogies.


Our thanks to Dora Cottrell of Orem, Utah for the descendants of Hannah Sophia Loveland, the 3rd great grand aunt of my wife, Sharla Kay (Morgan) Phelps.

Brigadier General Harry Haskell

For information on Civil War Captain and later Brigadier General Henry Haskell, we are indebted to Jim McGraw, who contributed a very fine portrait, and Win Haskell of Germany, who sent us a number of documents telling us quite a lot about the Private, later Brigadier General, Haskell. Sgt. Vincent M. Jockimo, a member of the 125th N.Y. Volunteers reenactment group, told us about the badge itself and its meaning, and sent us portions of the regimental history. Stephen Schmidt send us Harry's enlistment record. And Jody Roberts sent us some info about Harry from the Sons of the American Revolution. Information on Harry's marriage, later military service, and his wife's family members is courtesy of Virginia Mylius.