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Origins of the Diuguid Name

The Diuguid name is relatively unusual. Many individuals wonder 1 about the origin of the family, and some have speculated that the name is French, and the family Huguenots There are records in England as far back as 1304 AD of variously spelled Diuguids. Since the Huguenots did not flee France until the 17th century, it seemed unlikely that the Diuguids were of French origin.

However, Ann Terrell Mills, a descendant of View the family tree Susan Jemima Diuguid and her husband, George Anderson Spiller, visited Scotland and found that members of the Diuguid family had earlier migrated from Scotland to France for religious reasons and started a school there.

During the 17th Century in France, the Diuguids were apparently part of the Protestant reformation that became known as the Huguenot movement. Several wars were fought, and Louis XIV persecuted the Huguenots mercilessly, and as many as 800,000 are thought to have fled France. The Diuguids received permission from the King of England to return to Scotland and re-settled in Aberdeen.

"Duguid or Dugud is a distinctive Aberdeenshire surname. It is first recorded in 1304 when Rober Doget, messenger carried letters from King Edward I. In 1305 a Master Adam Doghete was a witness in St Andrews. In 1479 John Dogude was a burgess of Aberdeen in 1479. In 1536 Robert Dugoude, of Auchinhuif, signed himself Robert Dugud. In 1675 Francis Duguid was heir of William Duiguid of Auchinhuiff. Jerome Dugit was prosecuted for riot in 1678."

There have been many variations of spelling of this name recorded, including:

Doget 1304 Ducat 1603
Doghete 1305 Dougatt 1613
Dogod 1365 Duget 1631
Dogude 1379 Duiged 1633
Dugud 1536 Dugat 1669
Dogud 1541 Doucatt 1680
Dugait 1544 Dowcatt 1664
Dugate 1546 Dugwid 1651
Duged 1597 Duiguid 1675
Dugeit 1597 Dugit 1678

1 Adapted in part from William Diuguid of Buckingham County, by Eleanor Harris Macrae, Virginia. n.d.

Some information from William Diuguid of Buckingham County, Virginia, by Eleanor Harris Macrae. Privately published. n.d.

The descendants of Susan Diuguid and George Anderson Spiller are courtesy of Karen Lucas Lawless of Kingwood, Texas.