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A Short Biography of Brigadier General Harry Haskell

 Win Haskell, the Haskell Family Society Historian (in the United Kingdom), sent us a great deal of information about General Haskell.

First Lieutenant Harry Haskell, San Francisco, Cal., July 1881, shortly after his wedding. Image courtesy of
 Win Haskell.

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Capt. Harry Haskell, Engineer, 145th New York Volunteers, Troy, New York. [Click for larger image] Image courtesy of Jim McGraw.
Tombstone, S.F. National Cemetery
Brig. General Harry Leland Haskell's tombstone with his name 'Henry' as found in his military records. In the officer's section of the original San Francisco, California, Presidio Post cemetary.

Harry Leland Haskell, b. 27 Sept 1840, Clinton, Maine, was the son of Hiram and Mary Eliza (Reed) Haskell. His brother Frank was born sometime later in nearby Benton. He served in the Civil War in Co. A, 125th New York Infantry. They were mustered 25 August 1862, at Troy, NY. Harry enlisted 26 August 1862 and was discharged 22 Sept 1864 for wounds received in action. He shortly thereafter re-enlisted in the regular Army in the 12th US Infantry. He served 36 years, fighting in the Indian Wars of 1865-91. This included the Apache in Arizona and the Nez Perce in Idaho.

Harry served in the Second Sioux War 1875-6 in the final defeat of Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, 31 Oct 1876 in the Dakotas. He was also in the campaign against the Nez Perce Indians, Chief Joseph, in Idaho in 1877.

Fort Bowie, Arizona, now a National Historic Site, was the site of much action against the Apache Indians. In A Clash of Cultures, Fort Bowie and the Chiricahua Apaches by Robert M. Utley (Wash. 1977) pp 43-4, it states: "Military campaigns continued for another year. Finally in late 1879 Geronimo and Juh, through the efforts of Tom Jeffords (U.S. Govt Indian agent) and Lt. H. L. Haskell, surrendered. With 105 followers they arrived at Fort Bowie on December 29."

Harry married Mary E. Forrgeaud (pronounced 'FOOR-jo'), in San Francisco, on 15 June 1881. Harry later served in the Spanish War Service, including service in Cuba and the Philippines. On June 21, 1881, the San Francisco Call announced their wedding.

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Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War by Paul L. Hedren (Paperback - May 1996)

A Clash of Cultures, Fort Bowie and the Chiricahua Apaches, by National Park Service, Div. of Publications, Interior Dept.

The best picture we have of Capt. Haskell was taken on October 8, 1889 at the 56th Anniversary of the Albany Burgesses Corps in Albany, New York.

He was first a Private, was promoted Sgt. Major, 2nd Lt., Lt. Col., and Brigadier General in 1903. Upon retirement, he resided Fifth and Palm Streets, in San Diego, Calif. He died there on 25 October 1908.

Harry's "Cause of death amoebic dysentery and malaria contracted in Cuba during Spanish war." Haskel Family Association Editor Win Haskell says there were no children, but there may have been an adopted son. Pension certificate No 696,149. There are no survivors to my knowledge. "

Harry's obituary reports he was interred in the San Francisco, California National Cemetery, under the name Henry L. Haskell, Section OS, Plot 20, Grave 3. The government-supplied gravestone in the officers section of the original Presidio Post graveyard, like a few others around it, is small and simple: "BRIG. GEN. Henry [sic] L. Haskell. U.S.A."

His wife Mary returned to her native city and died 5 Sept 1923 at 1482 Sutter Street, San Francisco. From there we pick up some clues that link her to our family.


For information on Civil War Captain and later Brigadier General Henry Haskell, we are indebted to Jim McGraw, who contributed a very fine portrait, and Win Haskell of Germany, who sent us a number of documents telling us quite a lot about the Private, later Brigadier General, Haskell. Sgt. Vincent M. Jockimo, a member of the 125th N.Y. Volunteers reenactment group, told us about the badge itself and its meaning, and sent us portions of the regimental history. Stephen Schmidt send us Harry's enlistment record. And Jody Roberts sent us some info about Harry from the Sons of the American Revolution. Information on Harry's marriage, later military service, and his wife's family members is courtesy of Virginia Mylius.